Friday, January 4, 2013


Is it really a new beginning?

Every new year, I sit down to review myself -- in actuality, I don't even have to sit down as the thoughts never leave my mind. But, I'm a little OCD so creating a list is organization and clarity in my mind. This year is not different, the list is already started. See:

JANUARY: start the change/easier said then done/allow for change(s) to happen

FEBRUARY: re-do my blog site/add Tatiana's playlist

MARCH: start the physical move (my body that is, if I haven't done it yet)

APRIL: remember my dad all month

MAY: focus on my mother

JUNE: get ready for my son's graduation - the pain and the relief







The real difference is that I'm starting it here......with the world (or just a few folks) to see. I really want a change, a push, a bomb to launch me into the new me!
I will ignore my fears (really? can I do that?). I will hear from you (the good and the bad) and please, please let me know how you are doing. We will be a balance together, a yin and yang.

I promise to listen, encourage and maybe, inspire you! Which in turn, I hope will inspire me!

I have a lot of thoughts and ideas - and of course, I haven't put them down on paper completely yet, but this is exactly one of the things I hope to alter/change about me....complete what you say you will do! This is SO hard to do!

So today, Friday, I will.....take pictures of my messy/busy/crazy world and I will post them so you can see what I will do (probably slowly but surely). And I will keep track of what I'm feeling and share it with you.