Saturday, March 19, 2011

Where is the state of my heart?

In the midst of all the suffering around the world, I'm in constant search of PEACE. Looking for PEACE from Mother Earth through the sweet sounds of the birds and expectation of beauty from the flowers that are soon coming. I also look for PEACE from the people around me, and even though that is hard these days as tension fills the air around the house a lot, if I put my mind (and intent) on it, I find it.

I find PEACE when I look into my mother's small, but sparkling eyes as she asks me what day it is for the 12th time. I find PEACE when I connect with my father in weirdest way....sometimes it's just bumping our foreheads together. I find PEACE when I slow down and look at my two children and confirm to myself how amazing they have become. I find PEACE in my husband when, after a brief spat with my son, he honestly confirms to me that he wishes could just be more patient and will try next time.

It's all these moments in my life that help me deal with, well, life. With all the pain in the world today, we must look into our own state of hearts and assess.

Please share with me, if you want, where's your state of heart.

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